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SHIPPING POLICY                                                                                 STORE POLICY

GOLDFISH SHIPPING                                                                                                                                                                                                         INTRODUCTION

SUPPLIES SHIPPING                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PAYMENT

INTERNATIONAL ORDER                                                                                                                                                                                                                    TAX

LIVE ON ARRIVAL GUARANTEE                                                                                                                                                                          RETURN & EXCHANGES

RECEIVING SHIPMENT                                                                                                                                                                                                      PRICE MATCH

QUARANTINE                                                                                                                                                                                                                COMMUNICATION



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            MAILING LIST




On goldfish shipment, we need at least 2 days prior to shipping. In this period of 2 day, we will stop feeding and prepare your goldfish for a safe journey to their new home. Goldfish only ship out from our facility on Monday-Thursday only, excluding Holidays and other time which may cause delays. This is for your safety to prevent your fish hold-up at FedEx facility on the weekend, holiday, or in case of any delay.

Shipping price varies depending on your location and dimensional weight of the box. We do "Live on Arrival Guaranteed" for shipment delievery up to 2 Business days. We still strongly suggest you to invest on overnight shipping as they get your shipment to your hand faster, mean less stress on your fishes.

Shipping is available to all States. There is no box, hot or cold pack charges. Handling fees are also included with the cost of shipping. If actual cost of postage is more than what you paid, we will send invoice to satisfy the remaining shipping cost.

Hawaii customer must apply for import permit from State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture prior shipping out.

Customer in CT, NJ, NY, MD, DE, PA and other in pink area(NOT PURPLE) please enjoy overnight shipping by FedEx Ground®. Please select FedEx Ground when checking out.

Customer in Blue Area can choose FedEx Ground for 2 Business day shipping. Again, We do "Live on Arrival Gauranteed" on 2 Business days shipping.(We prefer overnight shipping to ensure less stress on your fish)





We normally ship your items out by either FedEx Ground the next business day after receive your order. Overnight or 2nd day shipping is also available upon request. Please select your prefer shipping option when checking out.



Canadian Customers

There are 2 ways to ship goldfish to Canada. One way is to cross the border to pick up your order at the closest USPS or FedEx station inside the US. If border is not an option, we can ship goldfish via FedEx or USPS. However, Canadian customer must apply for import permit and e-mail to us. Click here to apply for import permit. Please contact our office for more information about documents, taxes, and any other exporting fees.

Other countries

Depending on your country regulation, as some country may requires various documents, one being a health certificate. Please find out from your appropriate government agency what documents are necessary for you to complete in order to import Goldfish into your country. We can provide you with USDA Health Certificate and Commercial Invoice. Please contact our office for more information.



We import our fish from the goldfish exporter experts in Thailand, Japan, and China. After the fishes arrived, we hold them in our facility, microscopy, and using our proven quarantine process with best medication/treatment designed for goldfish (Not common aquatic animal medication) to ensure their good health condition. We ship our goldfish using the most advanced methods available. For these reasons, we are 110% confident in giving our customers best health condition on all of our goldfish purchases.

Only next-day-delivery shipments are guaranteed “Live on Arrival”! You must be present on the first attempt of delivery or the live guarantee is void. However, you may choose to other shipping option to save cost. Our packing technique have been proven that goldfish can live in the package for period of 2-5 days. And believe it or not? We have experienced one shipment for 25 days and they’re still alive!

Ranchumaniax will guarantee your livestock purchase to arrive alive to your door. After shipment is received, there will be no additional guarantee on the goldfish, as I cannot control their environment beyond delivery.

In the event of DOA(Death on Arrival), We will credit the full purchase price of any goldfish lost. However, all claim must be made within six (6) hours of upon arrival with prove such as Pictures/Video of Death fish in the bags with rubber ban tied on OR Death fish with whole tail cut off.

Guarantee does not cover any shipping or handling charges.



We always recommend all of our customer to make Quaranteen Tank ready for their new fish. Either from us or other dealers! The QT tank to receiving new fish from us, we strongly recommend you to set temperature at 75-78F to accomadate them after their arrival. Most of our stocks are originate from Thailand which has warmer climate years round. Our fish seem to thrive and active at 75F or little more!

Your fish will arrive in double high-quality square-bottom bags. Leave them sealed, and float them in your tank to acclimating to your tank temperature for 20 minutes.  After that, you may open the bag, and start adding a cup (approximately half pints) of your tank water to the bag. Repeat adding cup of your tank water to bag every 5 minutes for 3-4 times. Then gently hand pick JUST FISH and release them to your tank. Discard the water in the bag to your sink drain. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT ADD WATER FROM THE BAG TO YOUR TANK.

Your fish will likely be a bit stressed from their long journey. This is normal and we have seen these every time we received our shipment from oversea country. We recommend you to covering your tank with some cloth or paper board. This is our trick to shelter them in dark place and reducing their stress. Salt can be add to your tank at .01%-.02% to promote slim coat and reduce stress. In some cases, our fish may arriving in active condition.


No matter if your fish arrive in active condition. DO NOT FEED! This is very important. Feeding do more harm than good and we hear many customer feeding their new fish after their arrival. Goldfish can starve for a very long period of time. Do not worry about feeding at this point. You would want to give your new fish a rest in dark place without disturbing them for minimum period of 48-76 hours depending on their condition after their arrival. After 48-76 hours, you may check on your new fish. If they are swimming actively, you can start feeding them with soaked soft pellet food in small amount (3-4pellets a fish). You may feed them every 4-5 hours for the next day or two. Once they start to poop out, you may start your own feeding program.


We recommend that you quarantine all new fish for at least 14 days before mixing with other fish. Even though we professionally quarantine our fish and microscopy. Still, any disease issues MAY brought on by the stress of shipping and weaken the fish. Most of the case, any issue apparent within 7-14 days after their arrival. There are many technique on quarantine your new fish. We recommend you to follow instruction on any treatment of products you will be using. Goldfish commonly have parasite & bacterial infection such as Flukes, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis(Ich), Ichthyobodo necatrix(Costia), Trichodina, Chilodonella, Oodinium, just to name a few. There are many product on the market which you can use to quarantine or treat your fish. We suggest product such as PraziPro, Proform-C, or Potassium Permanganate as your primary treatment. As for high-end fish, we suggest imported products from Japan such as Japanese Yellow Powder, Parazan D, and Tropical Gold.




All prices and transaction are in US Dollars. All orders must be paid prior to shipping.


Buying aquarium products and livestock from our website made easy. Once you have found a product/livestock to order, you may place them in the shopping cart and continue shopping, or you may choose to check out at any time. When you're ready to check out, you can view total cost of your order, and choose your preferred shipping methods. Then you'll be taken to your order summary page for review and finalize. Once you have completed the order form, click on SUBMIT to direct you to Secure Paypal site to make a payment. There you may fill out your payment information such as name, billing address, and credit card information, or log-in with your paypal account for faster payment process. Once you have finish making a payment, you will be redirect back to our site to get confirmation number of your order. You may save or print the page for your record. We will send you an e-mail regarding your order confirmation with transection number.



Payments are processed using our website shopping card to checking you out securely thru Paypal. You do not need to have Paypal account to make payment. If you have paypal account, you may use your paypal account to complete your payment to shorten time of completion. 



All orders shipped to Pennsylvania addresses are subject to 6% sales tax. No sales tax will be added to addresses in other states. Tax rate is subject to change according to the State/City/County tax regulation.



All Livestock sale are final. No exchange or return! If anything should happen to your goldfish after arrival i.e.: illness and/or death NO replacements will be given. We will issue a store credit towards your next purchase. Store credit must be used within 6 months from the date of issue. You must contact as soon as their arrival to notify us regarding DOA. Please refer to Shipping page. Click here

All fish product, you may return an item, in its original condition, for a refund or credit within 14 days of receiving. If you would like to return the item, Please contact us for the authorization. Do not return items without an authorization from us. Shipping and Insurance charges or other cost are non-refundable. There will be a 20% restocking fee on all order items. Some special items may not be returned. The restocking charge and above mentioned non-refundable costs will be deducted from your refund.



To offer our customers the best prices, we will price match (other than a promotional period/event) products sold by other online pet stores. Please let us know which specific product prior to making your purchase by emailing us at We will honor by reply you with promotional code to price match. 

Product must be identical and in stock at the competitor's store. Price Match is based upon landed price of individual item comparisons LLC reserves the right to modify or cancel the Price Match Policy at any time without prior notice at its sole discretion.
This excludes shipping costs.



Please contact us if you have any problem after receiving your order. We always here to help/resolving issues you may have during transaction. You may e-mail us or call for emergency case! We normally returning your e-mail within 24 hours(less than 1 hour in most cases). If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, please do e-mail us again or call us. 



We reserve the right to refuse a transaction, ban an account by your e-mail/IP address from anyone at any time for any reason we deem sufficient and without explanation required.



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